With COMPRAS USA BAJÍO buy from anywhere in the world.

Forget about hassles with customs and high fees. We provide the address to our warehouse in Laredo, Texas. After it is received, we import the items and send your package express directly to you anywhere in Mexico.

"Everything for a single fee!".

Our services

1. Merchandise importation.
2. Assessment to buy online.
3. Merchandise repackaging.
4. Warranty for the merchandise.
5. Tracking and personalized attention.

Importation to anywhere in Mexico:

1. Safe shipping
2. Fast shipping.
3. Low prices.

You don’t need experience. We offer you free assessment for your shopping in webpages like "Alibaba or Aliexpress and even more websites".

When you use Compras USA BAJIO your purchases will be worry free and cared for every step of the way. Save time and save money!

Buy abroad and receive everything in Mexico

At your doorstep!.
All this in only four easy steps:


Buy online whether in China or USA.


Send it to our address in USA.


Provide your information to resend in Mexico.


Receive your merchandise at your doorstep.

Compras Usa Bajio offers fair and low prices, for personal shopping or helping you grow your business.

Multiple purchases will be combined whenever possible to keep shipping prices low, and there are no storage feed.
Contact us to learn about our basic promotion rate of 1 to 5kg.

"We suggest you get a quote before sending.!"
Excellent service Very fast ! Highly Highly recommended Karla is Great Person to work with !!
Holly Kaczmarek
They offer a very reasonable reliable service and their communication is excellent.
Richard Lowe
Service, Communication and Delivery was excellent. Would definitely recommend them.
Viswanathan Gopalan
Recommended to me by a friend. I used their service successfully twice. Smooth simple process, nice people.
Jeffrey Ritger
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Doubts suggestions or commentaries call or write and we’ll answer as soon as possible. Remember we are a facilitator for you to buy abroad.

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